Tailoring Targeted Audiences

There are a number of ways to promote your brand to specific groups of viewers through YouTube, but knowing which method is the most effective takes strategy. Customizing your advertisements can accurately show your ads to your preferred target audience. Recently, advertisers have been able to target YouTube users based on their search history, which gives … Continue reading Tailoring Targeted Audiences


Growing Your Audience

The importance of building loyalty and growing your business' audience is essential to increasing buzz, traffic, and sales. However, developing loyalty and growing your brand’s community is difficult. In this post, we will go over several recommended strategies brands use to increase traffic and cultivate a loyal community. Before customers become loyal to your business, … Continue reading Growing Your Audience

Brand Collaboration with Influencers

Three mothers, Meg Resnikoff, Elle Walker, and Brooke Mahan upload weekly videos for 1.5 million WhatsUpMoms subscribers. Their videos, ranging from D.I.Y to comic relief, have cultivated such a massive following of trusting viewers that WhatsUpMoms is the #1 parenting network on YouTube. Their partnership with Tide is a great example of why brands are collaborating … Continue reading Brand Collaboration with Influencers