Ready, Set, Strategy!

3…2…1…launch! The moment that you have finished your advertising campaign on YouTube and can finally hit the launch button will be golden. However, there are many necessary steps you need to take in order to get to that moment. All of which happen to all have one thing in common: strategy. It’s important to understand that … Continue reading Ready, Set, Strategy!


Bring on the Competition

In the advertising world, everyone is constantly competing. No matter what kind of video ad you make, the main goal of any advertisement is to appeal to your target audience and win them over. If you get them to trust your brand and purchase your good or service, you were successful. At first, you may … Continue reading Bring on the Competition

The One Time Interrupting is Acceptable

Launching an ad campaign using YouTube as your platform opens up a world of opportunities to advertisers. There are three important parties to attend to on YouTube: the viewers, who are your audience, the creators, who generate content, and the advertisers, who attempt to understand their target market and create positive brand equity. The focus … Continue reading The One Time Interrupting is Acceptable

Who and What is in Your Advertisement

What kind of video will be promoting your brand? Who will be in your video advertisement? These are important questions with answers that depend on your product and target market. These questions were undoubtedly considered before the making of the Always advertisement #LikeAGirl. Though the commercial presented women and girls answering questions about gender stigmas … Continue reading Who and What is in Your Advertisement

Tailoring Targeted Audiences

There are a number of ways to promote your brand to specific groups of viewers through YouTube, but knowing which method is the most effective takes strategy. Customizing your advertisements can accurately show your ads to your preferred target audience. Recently, advertisers have been able to target YouTube users based on their search history, which gives … Continue reading Tailoring Targeted Audiences

Growing Your Audience

The importance of building loyalty and growing your business' audience is essential to increasing buzz, traffic, and sales. However, developing loyalty and growing your brand’s community is difficult. In this post, we will go over several recommended strategies brands use to increase traffic and cultivate a loyal community. Before customers become loyal to your business, … Continue reading Growing Your Audience

Brand Collaboration with Influencers

Three mothers, Meg Resnikoff, Elle Walker, and Brooke Mahan upload weekly videos for 1.5 million WhatsUpMoms subscribers. Their videos, ranging from D.I.Y to comic relief, have cultivated such a massive following of trusting viewers that WhatsUpMoms is the #1 parenting network on YouTube. Their partnership with Tide is a great example of why brands are collaborating … Continue reading Brand Collaboration with Influencers