Concluding Thoughts


At the conclusion of any campaign, it is valuable and necessary to evaluate your work.  The same goes for the information that has been explored on this blog. It is important to review all that has been discussed so that it can be properly implemented. This blog begins with an introduction to YouTube because it is important to understand the platform intended to carry your message prior to constructing the message. Let us review.

It is important for your brand to encounter web users who will be apt to be interested to engage with your brand. The level of engagement may vary from simply looking at your social media page to purchasing and repurchasing your products. Either way, it is essential you locate your target audience.

  1. Find them using profile information that they provide online
  2. Use behavioral data to better understand their preferences
  3. Chose the subset of these users that are best suited for the brand
  4. Find influencers within this subset with whom to partner

Remember that finding influencers is the best way to connect with your target audience and gain credibility quickly. The season of fashion weeks recently come to a close and there is a lot to assess considering how brands worked with influencers. Though this is not specifically related to online ads, relationships with influencers have been cultivated well by the fashion industry. There is value in studying what those brands did. Have a plan for the relationships. Offer perks to well known influencers as well as some lesser known. If you empower your influencers and encourage them in their work, the relationships that form will be incredibly valuable, especially when 49 percent of people rely on influencer’s opinions in their purchasing decisions.

In addition to keeping an eye out for powerful influencers, be sure to stay up to date on the advances of other social media sharing sites. Facebook in particular has been challenging YouTube in their effort to create better ways for advertisers to use video ads to procure customers. They are currently about to launch their biggest business-to-business campaign that will persuade marketers to develop more video ads specifically for mobile devices.

Begin with the basics. Study the psychology. Lean into your launch. Crack the case studies. Remember to review. Best wishes on your campaign working with YouTube.

Written by Hayleigh Walton


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