Bringing People Together


Over the past few weeks, posts have covered that it’s important to  make sure you analyze and establish a target market to then create a successful ad. In the case of Ad Council’s advertisement for getting rid of bias and stigma against differences between all individuals, Love Has No Labels in 2015, their target audience was everyone. This ad has different pairs of people: women, men, children, different races, different sexual orientations, and different religions.

The pairs of people would stand behind an x-ray screen and show some type of relationship with affection, and all you could see was their skeleton. Then, they would come around to the front of the stage to reveal who they were, stand in front of the audience, and display their affection again. This stood as a message to get rid of negative bias towards different groups/pairings of people. This was a difficult task, but they were highly successful in making their video viral. By having the people come around from behind the x-ray screen, people were able to gauge within themselves the shock, or lack thereof, in seeing the pairing of people. They were able to compare how they felt seeing the skeletons to how they felt seeing the actual people and able to receive the message that we are all human. There is no standard of race, age, religion, or gender in love. By getting rid of the stigma and accepting love for what is it, the world would be a better place.

This advertisement was mainly successful due to its ability to evoke the viewer’s emotions to surprise, and to tug at the heartstrings. It’s a video that applied to everyone and was marketed to show that it did in fact, include everyone. This video went viral because it was a big message carried out in a simple way that encouraged people and made them feel a sense of importance, community, and contribution in sharing the video. The empathy constructed by this video is a major key in the success of this ad and is a perfect example of focusing on that strategy.

This advertisement also plays on the strategy of following trends in society. As social media has grown, awareness on equality has grown as well. The world is such a diverse place, and diversity has become a growing topic of discussion. There is much more acceptance and tolerance to interracial, same gender, and different religion relationships. Being able to see that displayed and shown that under the skin, we are all the same, people wanted to share the video because of the social relevance of the topic.


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