Lesson Learned


Now that you have access to the research conducted for this blog, it is time to take action. Applying this information to advertising with your own brand will help you make the most effective advertisement. In doing so, this will help you avoid creating an advertisement like T-Mobile’s most recent Super Bowl LI ad.

Super Bowl commercials are well-known for their costly appearances on television that people look forward to every year. For the past few years, T-Mobile has used famous musicians with popular songs played over and over on the radio to advertise their unlimited data plans. In 2015, T-Mobile casted Drake, with his hit song “Hotline Bling,” to advertise their company and it was a huge success. They directed the advertisement to their target audience—teenagers—by using a celebrity with a popular song on the radio to capitalize the trend.

Unfortunately, this year’s T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad took an unexpected turn for the worse. The ad, #UnlimitedMoves, depicts Justin Bieber showing some touchdown dances as T-Mobile asks viewers to submit their own. Viewers are persuaded to submit these videos from the possibility that Justin Bieber would select his favorites. The concept of the advertisement is that touchdown dances are now unlimited, just like T-Mobile’s data plans. However, it’s quite a stretch.

The selection of a celebrity endorser can make or break an advertisement because of the attractiveness, trustworthiness and expertise the audience sees in that celebrity. For example, Justin Bieber is known as a relatively good-looking celebrity, which hypothetically could leave a positive impression on the audience, however his trustworthiness is affected by how the audience perceives his expertise, which takes some time to build. He simply does not have expertise with T-Mobile like Michael Jordan does when he endorses Nike, in turn having a negative effect on the audience’s perception of Bieber’s credibility.

There is a risk of playing your commercial during the Super Bowl because many more viewers will see it—and judge it. It is important to be strategic in advertising your product or service because the entertainment, informativeness, customization and irritation of your ad all have an effect on the audience’s awareness of your brand, as well as the value they put in it. T-Mobile had conquered these four elements with their “Hotline Bling” advertisement, however if the audience is irritated, like many were with Justin Bieber’s cringe worthy acting, that is not being strategic.

Written by: Nikki Kniley



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