Snapchat and YouTube


Companies can enhance the effectiveness of their YouTube marketing campaign by integrating other social media platforms that have different strengths. Snapchat is one platform that can significantly increase a company’s campaign success, as there are specific advantages this platform has that can enhance your YouTube campaign. The videos or pictures on Snapchat are much more casual with less self-presentational concerns than other communication platforms. Accounts on Snapchat share many more “eAs a result, viewers may feel like they have a stronger, more relatable, and more trustworthy connection to other accounts as they might believe their videos and photos are not as curated or professionally made.

Another feature that sets Snapchat apart from other social media, is its vertical video feature. This is incredibly important because due to the rise of mobile forms and social media usage, users are nine times as likely to complete a video ad when it is vertical instead of horizontal. This means that brands will have a higher success of reaching audiences through video ads on platforms like Snapchat that allow vertical ad videos on mobile devices.

vertical video

Photo taken from John Proksch-Waley

Now that we know why brands should incorporate Snapchat into their YouTube Campaign advertising, how can they create effective messages and posts?

While producing YouTube content, companies can shoot behind the scenes footage on their Snapchat account so that viewers can get a sneak peek into their operations. Additionally, brands can share sneak peeks of secret content that they are working on to increase excitement among their audience. Snapchat is a very immersive video experience. Behind the scenes shots can be more powerful than a professional production.

Companies can also use influencer marketing on Snapchat to enhance their YouTube campaign. Brands can hire target influencers to direct traffic to their YouTube videos or give shoutouts to their account. For example, advertisers like Coca-Cola, Pandora, and Target pay influencers to show off their products and new promotional content in their Snapchat videos. YouTube is the perfect place to upload your content, but consider using Snapchat to include real time updates for your audience. 

Written by Angelika Johns


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