Twitter and YouTube


Famous YouTubers like Ricky Dillon use YouTube as their main platform because it is the origin of their fame and enables them to connect directly with their followers. YouTubers also spend a great deal of time cultivating their channels because YouTube provides a steady source of income. That being said, YouTubers often use other platforms like Twitter and Facebook for endorsement purposes, which ultimately link back to their channels.

Twitter is a platform that recognizes the pronounced advertising opportunity that YouTube provides due to massive followings, fostered by channels and YouTubers. Numerous platforms, including Twitter, are hoping that stars like Ricky Dillon will begin posting original video content directly onto platforms other than YouTube.

Twitter employs a team of YouTube professionals because they have relationships with influencers. The team conducts meetings with successful YouTube creators to gain insight on how they build their brands.

Similarly to YouTube, Twitter now shows ads that play before its videos. However, Facebook opted not to adopt pre-video ads because people scrolling through their news feeds would be more likely to keep scrolling than to wait for the advertisement to be over.

In 2015, Twitter introduced the Moments feature, which provides users with the day’s popular tweets and events. Additionally, marketers can create Moments regarding their brand or a specific product. For example, Lime-A-Rita used Moments as a method to engage consumers in a conversation concerning the beverage’s recipe. Even YouTube, from whom Twitter seeks council, utilizes this feature while endorsing series featured on YouTube Red.Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 6.10.47 PMThough the clout of YouTube’s ties to influencers and followers provides a target rich environment for marketers, Twitter can also serve as an indicator considering brand perception. Twitter is undoubtedly a popular platform. In 2014, 20 percent of adults in the United States were operating an account, and in 2013, more Fortune 500 companies reported that they actively used Twitter than Facebook. Like YouTube, Twitter is a pertinent platform that provides brands with applicable information such as who is following them, and how they react to the content of the Brand’s account. 

Written by Madison Spears


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