Pinterest and YouTube


The visual nature of Pinterest can be particularly appealing to brands because most other forms of social media rely primarily on verbal communication. Pinterest is a social network of over 100 million visitors per month that post or “pin” images to their own creative boards categorized by their interests. The pin boards are distinguished by their individual themes but the most popular themes are food, home décor, fashion and crafts. The pin boards help accomplish the ultimate mission of Pinterest: to connect people in the world through their common interests. Because of this, Pinterest has become a popular destination for users to buy goods, and more importantly, for brands to advertise.

Pinterest just recently jumped back into the brand-wagon by following the footsteps of other social media platforms by beginning to sell video advertising. These advertisements pop up in the Pinterest newsfeed as silent GIFs that play sound when clicked on. Right next to this video, there are pins of your brand’s featured products that users can click on, which could connect them to your website or even better—give them the opportunity to buy your product. This puts Pinterest in competition with Facebook and Twitter with the advantage that Pinterest has focused lifestyle-related content, which increases the likelihood for you to find a target audience.


In order to optimize the distinguishing visual characteristic of Pinterest for your brand on YouTube, it is important to be aware of the “speed bump” effect that your videos might have on Pinterest viewers. They could easily scroll past your post if you don’t advertise it correctly.  The key to drawing users in is finding Pinterest friendly images within your video and pinning those to Pinterest while also embedding your YouTube video into the page. Using images in Pinterest to advertise your brand will provide your target audience with more interactivity so they will be able to recognize your product.

Written by: Nikki Kniley


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