Instagram and YouTube


Even though Instagram is a newer platform that is extremely popular (and growing), YouTube can use its accessibility and trendiness to its advantage. A good way to think of this strategy is using Instagram as an advertisement FOR YouTube!

Instagram is an easy platform for consumers to be engaged with an audience and promote. Users can easily receive feedback from viewers as comments and questions. These are more personable because the viewer most likely chose to follow the particular Instagram user and has developed a higher level of trust. This is a great opportunity for the user to transfer the feedback received to make a longer video on YouTube to go into detail on what the Instagram post was about, do shout outs and thank you’s, or answer any questions. In doing this, Instagram is building a relationship with the watchers and consumers because it shows that they are listening to it’s viewers.

A way for companies to utilize this relationship building strategy, is through influencers who are on both YouTube and Instagram. Consumers trust people they relate to or deem important/worthy. Showing YouTubers who are part of your target market use your product or service to show other members of your target market can make a huge difference on the success of your brand. By having the Instagramers as influencers, consumers will see it, establish interest,and search for more information on the brand. The Instagramer can include a direct link to the company website or to a YouTube video they have made that delves more into the specifics of the product or service. An example of this is a top Instagram user, Kayla Itsines, who is known as a fitness guru. She posts pictures or short videos on her Instagram, and shows longer and more in-depth videos of workouts and responses to her “fans” on YouTube and on her own personal blog.

By using this multimedia approach to get your target market to be engaged in the conversation and enhance awareness of your product or brand, you are allowing them to share your information via  electronic word of mouth promotion and user generated content. Instagram is only one platform out of many that can lead to the growth of a brand and help the company receive praise or constructive criticism to better their brand.  


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