Who and What is in Your Advertisement


What kind of video will be promoting your brand? Who will be in your video advertisement? These are important questions with answers that depend on your product and target market. These questions were undoubtedly considered before the making of the Always advertisement #LikeAGirl. Though the commercial presented women and girls answering questions about gender stigmas instead of feminine products, the success of this ad demonstrates the careful consideration concerning what type of video they wanted to produce.

In 2015, the #LikeAGirl advertisement became the fifth most viewed advertisement on YouTube, in addition to winning multiple awards. The ad features girls of various ages being interviewed about what female stigmas, like “fighting or running like a girl”, mean to them. Ultimately, the commercial challenges the negative connotations surrounding these expressions and encourages female confidence. This campaign uses females within the age range of their target market to spread a positive message that can be associated with the Always brand.

Correctly exhibiting your advertisement on YouTube has everything to do with what you are promoting, and the market that you are planning to reach. For fashion brands, fashion films prove to be an efficient method of advertising on video platforms like YouTube. In marketing campaigns, brands are using these films as audiovisual illustrations of their identities. It makes sense that the popularity of these films has significantly increased in recent years. Fashion films give clothing brands the opportunity to showcase their latest collection and provide consumers with an engaging experience. These films are a form of experiential marketing, which enables consumers to see products being used by actors portraying lifestyles that they identify with, or admire. Shoppers used to web advertisements are pursuing amusement and personalized interaction, and for fashion consumers, fashion films offer both. Regardless of what type of video advertisement you produce, who is featured in the advertisement is extremely important. Influencers, mentioned in previous posts, are crucial in communicating an advertisement’s message due to their impact on target market consumers.

Written by Madison Spears


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