Growing Your Audience


The importance of building loyalty and growing your business’ audience is essential to increasing buzz, traffic, and sales. However, developing loyalty and growing your brand’s community is difficult. In this post, we will go over several recommended strategies brands use to increase traffic and cultivate a loyal community.

Before customers become loyal to your business, they must resonate with your brand on an emotional and personal level. You want your customers to have such a strong connection and belief in your business that they associate your brand’s identity with their own. An example of a business that has done a great job with this is Harley Davidson. Some consumers foster such strong emotional ties to Harley Davidson, that they even get the logo tattooed onto their bodies.


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Companies are beginning to see that they can use Youtube videos to build communities, promote their products and services, and draw in customers. In fact, companies are noticing that videos do not only spread information, but also promote an emotional response toward a brand. In order to connect their audience with their product or services, brands are using three pillars in their videos to reach this outcome: emotion, entertainment, and new experiences. Essentially, brands are rebuilding their strategies to associate their business with real stories and individuals. This allows their messages to stand out among competitors and viewers. Additionally, when consumers begin associating brands with certain values and emotions, there is a greater interest and identification between the brand and the consumer.

Successful brands have also taken to teaming up with influencers to promote their products or services in a method called “influencer marketing.” Viber, an app that specializes in communication, recommends that brands evaluate their influencers before choosing them to promote their product or service. Viber vetted potential influencers on the basis of their relevance to pop culture and their followers’ enthusiasm. While influencers should have somewhat of a large following, they do not need to have millions. Instead, it is more important that they have a loyal and attentive audience.

Aside from focusing on the content of videos and influencer marketing, companies should keep a few more essential tips in mind to help them build community. YouTube channels should be updated with new and consistent materials on a regular basis, listen to their followers, leave no problem unresolved, and keep their followers involved. Posting new and consistent content on a regular basis builds trust and leaves followers coming back for more. If companies do not listen to their followers, they will lose their followers to find another company who will. If users comment, you should comment back. If they ask for a certain type of video or content, give it to them. This will show them that you are listening and that you value their opinion. When a problem arises between your brand and a consumer, do everything in your power to resolve the situation. This can lead to more brand loyalty down the line. Keeping your followers engaged is crucial to cultivating a loyal audience. In order to foster engagement, create giveaways, surveys, and ways for them to give input.

These methods will help create a positive relationship between you and your audience. Additionally, you can help grow your community of followers and maintain an effective dynamic between your brand and your consumers.

Written by Angelika Johns


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