It’s all in the Details


Why do advertisements and aesthetics go hand in hand? Aesthetics aid our interpretation of messages, and more specifically, how it appeals to your senses and emotions. When creating an ad, you are trying to reach the emotions of your audience. It’s all about the empathy. An essential emotion in this process is empathy. Empathy is how the consumer relates to the advertisement, which in turn, leads to improved recall and participation. Empathy is how the consumer relates to the advertisement, which in turn leads to improved recall and participation.

When creating an advertisement, the most important underlying aspect is who is your audience. Your advertisement should be catered to a target market to get the most recall, attention and feedback. When looking at demographics (sex, age, education, ethnicity, etc.), you should be thinking about the trends that your target audience is attracted to/participates in. This will enable your audience to relate to the ad, making it more likely for them to pay attention. This is a major key in cultivating the success you want and deserve.

Another detail to really hone in on, is where your audience is geographically so you can pinpoint where your ads will be most successful. This can lead you to find different subcultures of people based on their location and interests. You receive the most response for your product or service in a place that actually needs or uses it. The information you find in your research will lead you to make choices on different things like music, colors palettes, the time the ad is posted, consistency of ads with your brand, and the overall mood of your ad.

Ads that are personalized are more likely to capture the attention of your target market and keep their attention. Also, by knowing your audience you will be able to position your ad in a way that your intended audience is more likely to come across it. By by taking this first and most important step of figuring out your target audience and studying it, you can essentially create a customized ad for your specific product or service.


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