Brand Collaboration with Influencers


Three mothers, Meg Resnikoff, Elle Walker, and Brooke Mahan upload weekly videos for 1.5 million WhatsUpMoms subscribers. Their videos, ranging from D.I.Y to comic relief, have cultivated such a massive following of trusting viewers that WhatsUpMoms is the #1 parenting network on YouTube. Their partnership with Tide is a great example of why brands are collaborating with YouTube Stars in order to promote products and services.

Fans subscribe to YouTube channels because they admire the personalities featured in the videos enough to watch them weekly. It is no secret that viewers are influenced by the product promotion of these personalities. Brands aim to team up with certain influencers that have the potential to reach a specific audience. For example, mothers and parents typically wash clothes, which is why Tide and WhatsUpMoms essentially go hand in hand. With that being said, linking up with influencers is easier said than done, and is particularly difficult for younger brands in need of promotion. Famebit is a forum that enables Youtube influencers and brands to learn about one another, and decide if collaborating would be beneficial. While newer brands do not get the attention of exceptionally famous YouTubers, Famebit helps them find influencers that coincide with the current status of their brand. Connecting with an influencer with fewer followers can actually work to a brand’s targeting advantage, as their audiences can be highly engaged.

With the help of YouTube, brands are able to gauge how many viewers they reach with an advertisement that has gained popularity on the platform. Commercials featuring celebrity endorsements are also created to influence and unsurprisingly get millions of views. Successfully being endorsed is all about whom you can collaborate with. Making the right connections will enable brands to create buzz and reach specific audiences. 

Written by Madison Spears


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