Find the Key, Make the Money



Do you ever wonder how popular YouTubers such as Natalie Tran, Philly D and Jenna Marbles make so much money? There’s a method their madness. One of YouTube’s biggest features is its monetization. It’s the backbone of many renowned YouTubers’ channels. There is advertising space encircling most aspects of the YouTube videos. For instance, ads pop up right by the search engine on the homepage and are embedded in videos being watched before, during or after a video is played.

2017-04-16 (2)

The more views a video has, the more revenue it makes. This is the key to monetization through your YouTube channel. Viewers are attracted to YouTube because it is free to access the videos, which is why advertisers compete to lure the audience in. Viewers love to watch their favorite creators of videos or “YouTubers” because of how they can relate to them. Whether it is entertainment or application, advertisers have recognized and applied that desire of the consumers to their marketing strategies by combining the viewers’ desire to watch their favorite YouTubers with the YouTube advertising their brand.

Monetizing your YouTube videos, as of 2016, begins with your channel. Go to Creator Studio, Channel, and click Enable on the Monetization button. Once your video is monetized, a green, circled dollar symbol will appear when you look at your videos. Once you get 1000 views you will be able to make your first few dollars.

2017-04-13 (2)

Recently, a trending online marketplace called FameBit has started to grab the attention of YouTubers because it is a place where brands and creators, especially smaller ones, can connect with one another. It emphasizes the immense growth of advertising in a creator’s videos because it is a way to make more money than the advertisements surrounding your YouTube channel would. Brands want to use people of influence on YouTube to advertise their products because influencers are the people that over 80 percent of consumers’ trust. As long as you have enough loyal followers, 5000 to be exact, FameBit gives influencers the opportunity to feature a product in their videos.

Understanding the key to monetizing your channel will give you the ability to effectively advertise so you can grow into the brand you want to be!

Written by: Nikki Kniley


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