Content, Creators, and Companies… OH MY!


You do not have to be an expert on YouTube to know the platform offers a great variety of video content. There are video topics ranging from cute kittens to how to fix a lightbulb. With the wide variety of available content, it is important for advertisers to learn how to collaborate with the right creators.

The most important factor of creating a successful YouTube video is originality.  There is a lot of user generated content to be found on YouTube. YouTubers are thinking strategically about that content they are creating. They are no longer solely focused on the video itself.  They are also considering possible implications it will have on consumers to whom they are marketing. As each video is created, successful YouTubers create content with their desired reputation in mind.

Presently, many YouTubers are just as famous as celebrities that star in movies and television series. These renowned YouTubers are often referred to as influencers because they have millions of loyal followers that view their content on a regular basis. Essentially, teaming up with a famous YouTuber is much like partnering with another brand that is consuming, and advocating for your product to a targeted audience.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 9.45.10 PM

Bethany Mota, who has 10 million subscribers, co-created a clothing line with Aeropostale. Part of her brand image on YouTube is being fashion forward. Therefore, consumers trust that her collaboration with Aeropostale was legitimate. A recognizable and credible brand ally improves consumers’ perception of the brand’s product, in this case a clothing line, especially if the brand is not well known. Due to Bethany’s massive online following, it is assumed her audience has a lot of faith in her, which a brand can use to its advantage in a partnership.

Now that you have seen how Aeropostale took advantage of online advertising, how will your brand find the right YouTuber to partner up with? As a company, you are able to use an influence exchanger software called Influicity. This allows you to search profiles of possible YouTubers with whom you may want to partner. You can specify the demographic of your influencer in the search.  For example, if your target customer is a young, male, 18-35 years of age, you are able to specifically reach this demographic . You may then present your desired influencer with an offer through Influicity’s fulfillment team. The most successful brand partnerships leverage a creator’s area of expertise to establish consistency so the creator’s audience will be most interested in your product. This is why Aeropostale chose to work with Bethany over someone like Jimmy Fallon.

There are many different categories of content created on YouTube and a plethora of popular creators with whom to partner. Now, it is time to find the perfect influencer to endorse your brand.

Written by Hayleigh Walton


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