5 Ways to Utilize User Features for More Views


There are numerous features available for YouTube users to promote their videos and increase their popularity. This blog post will feature six major ways users can better optimize some of YouTube’s most basic, but essential features.

While many users understand that keywords can play a major role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), most do not know all the places keywords can be injected, how important they are in revealing videos in searches, and advanced strategies to see which keywords are best to include. YouTube’s keyword-based recommendation system accounts for a whopping thirty percent of the views on YouTube. Due to this, keywords can significantly impact the number of views your video receives.

60% of YouTube views are search driven, so it is important to research effective keywords before adding them to your video first. Creating effective keywords can be difficult, but there are several techniques to help users find words that will drive more video views. One technique that users can implement is searching their potential keywords on Google and seeing if other videos come up. If results surface, a user’s video has a better chance of ranking higher in searches when they include those keywords. Another technique is using Google Adwords to search keywords. Through this method, users see how often people are searching for their keywords, as well as how many other content producers are using those keywords.

YouTube’s search engine retrieves videos based on a video’s textual description, which means that having a strategic description box full of effective keywords is crucial to ranking higher on YouTube’s results page. However, many YouTube videos either have incomplete, inconsistent, or no descriptions, as writing attractive and effective descriptions can sometimes be a time-consuming task for users. Consequently, this may result in a high-quality video not being as visible simply due to having poor keywords or a lack of a description.

In order to save time when writing effective, yet consistent descriptions, users should develop a strategy that they can follow for each of their video descriptions. Here are some tips that content uploaders can follow to create effective and consistent descriptions:

The thought of writing a title can seem fairly simple and obvious. However, there is a strategy behind this that can be best optimized for search engine results. One of the most important factors in writing an effective title is making sure that it clearly encapsulates the content in your video. Users should also limit their titles to fifty characters or less, or the title could get truncated. Another way to improve a title for SEO is to put keywords before branding. For example, if Paula Deen was publishing a tutorial on how to make a homemade pasta casserole, it would be better to write her video’s title as “Homemade Pasta Casserole Tutorial by Paula Deen” instead of “Paula Deen’s Homemade Pasta Casserole Tutorial.”

One of YouTube’s most powerful SEO features is the use of tags in a video’s description. A tag allows users to add single word tags to their videos. Tags should include the user’s main keywords. There is some speculation that YouTube’s algorithm places more weight on a video’s first few keywords, so users should write the most important and relevant keywords first. It can be challenging to come up with enough tags and keywords to fill the 120 character limit, so it can be helpful to look at tags that other YouTubers are using.

tags title description

Photo taken from Georgy Cohen

Out of all these features, closed captioning can sometimes be the most overlooked. However, it has more value than just aiding hearing impaired viewers. Transcribing the video also provides an additional opportunity to add more keywords for SEO.

Having a strategy when creating your YouTube video’s titles and description can be time consuming, but well worth it. Sometimes, it can make the difference between a video with barely any views and a video with thousands.

Written by Angelika Johns


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